Introduction to Burp Suite


BurpSuite aims to be an all-in-one toolkit, and its capabilities may be expanded by installing BApps, or add-ons. It has become the most widely used tool among professional web app security researchers and bug bounty hunters.

The tool is available in three editions: a free Community Edition, a Professional Edition, and an Enterprise Edition that may be purchased after a trial period. The Community version comes with much fewer features. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive security solution for online applications.







  • Checking to see if the user-supplied values are being checked.
  • How successfully is it being done if user-supplied values are being verified?
  • What values does the server expect in an input parameter/request header?
  • What happens if the server encounters unexpected values?
  • Is the server doing input sanitation?
  • How thoroughly does the server sanitise the data provided by the user?
  • What sanitation method does the server employ?
  • Which of the cookies on your computer is the session cookie?
  • How is CSRF protection done, and is it possible to go around it?


What is BugBase?

BugBase is a curated marketplace for ethical hackers that helps businesses and startups set up bug bounty programs. It is India’s first consolidated bug bounty platform, which assists organizations in staying safe by providing an all-in-one platform for continuous and comprehensive security testing.

Through BugBase registering and setting up your organisation’s bug bounty program is no less than a breeze. We also provide hackers and security professionals with the platform to directly get connected with organizations that have set up their bug bounty programs and get rewarded for the risks and vulnerabilities they find.

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India’s first consolidated Bug Bounty Platform’s technical blog by Aditya Arun Iyer

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India’s first consolidated Bug Bounty Platform’s technical blog by Aditya Arun Iyer